Indian Education Vision

“All American Indian students will become proficient in academic, cultural, and leadership standards to become productive and contributing¬† members of their Pueblo/tribe/nation and state.”

Indian Education Mission

“To increase American Indian student academic and cultural achievement through culturally-relevant pedagogy, native language, and collaborative partnerships.”

11 Priorities of the Indian Education Act:

  1. Ensure equitable and culturally relevant learning environments, educational opportunities and culturally relevant instructional materials for American Indian students enrolled in public schools.
  2. Ensure maintenance of native languages.
  3. Provide for the study, development and implementation of educational systems that positively affect the educational success of American Indian students.
  4. Ensure that the department of education partners with tribes to increase tribal involvement and control over schools and the education of students located in tribal communities.
  5. Encourage cooperation among the educational leadership of AZ, UT, NM and the Navajo Nation to address the unique issues of educating students in Navajo communities that arise due to the location of the Navajo Nation in those states.
  6. Provide the means for a formal government-to-government relationship between the state and NM tribes and the development of relationships with the education division of the BIA and other entities that serve American Indian students.
  7. Provide the means for a relationship between the state and urban American Indian community members to participate in initiatives and educational decisions related to American Indian students residing in urban areas.
  8. Ensure that parents; tribal departments of education; community-based organizations; ED; universities; and tribal, state and local policymakers work together to find ways to improve educational opportunities for American Indian students.
  9. Ensure that tribes are notified of all curricula development for their approval and support.
  10. Encourage an agreement regarding the alignment of the bureau of Indian affairs and state assessment programs so that comparable information is provided to parents and tribes.
  11. Encourage and foster parental involvement in the education of Indian students.